"Photography can only represent the present.
Once photographed, the subject become part of the past."


LUIGI BONAVENTURA is a multi faceted photographer, storyteller and artist. His photography could be described as life’s many compositions of shape and vivid color palette with the panorama of landscapes, the beauty of still life and the realism of fine art.

Photography is his continuous lesson of living in the moment.

He captures that moment as he sees it from his angle and capturing it, is his way of sharing with the world how he sees things. Luigi is utilizing his passion and vision to create moments into photographs, being an appreciator of realism and abstract, his photography is emotional and honest, at times humorous and always done with passion.




ITALY - +39 346 5424198

UK - +44 7493208096



2015 "Landscapes and Design" - Ometto Arredamenti, Treviso ITALY

2015 "Feast Your Eyes" - Maggior Consiglio Hotel, Treviso ITALY

2014 "Feast Your Eyes" - Centro Caprense, Capri ITALY

2013 "Creative Rising Show" - See.me, NY US 

2013 "Behind The Edge, Jesolo" - Bejing CHINA

2013 "The story of creative" - NY, US

2013 "Behind The Edge, New York" - Mise, Treviso ITALY

2013 "Andata / Ritorno" - Gaia Fitness, Treviso ITALY

2013 "Andata / Ritorno" - Loggia dei Cavalieri, Treviso ITALY

2012 “Life” - BHR Hotel,  Padua ITALY

2012 "Foodeal" - Flatiron, NY US 

2012 "Surf Free or Die" - Treviso ITALY

2011 "11 settembre 2011" - San Nicolo' church, Treviso ITALY

2011 "Behind The Edge, New York" - Soho, NY USA




Fotografia Italiana


Corriere della Sera

Corriere del Mezzogiorno

Tribuna di Treviso

Sette, Corriere della Sera


2012 "INTERIORS" book, PBN best people's choice nomination.


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